Baby 1, Parents 0

Knocked Out

There are days when you get your ass kicked as a parent. It’s like watching a one sided fight that is so bad you can hardly look. You’re almost begging the corner throws in the towel or the ref stops the fight. Instead, the fight continues and you are just left to watch this poor soul get beaten to oblivion. He is just standing because he has to. Taking every punch with nothing to counter with. That was our day today.

Last night baby girl wakes up with the same kind of fussiness and crying she exhibited as a new born. By morning time mom was completely battered from nursing through the night. Throughout the day baby girl just whined and cried incessantly. We had no idea what was going on with her. She had a new kind of whiny cry.

Has she been eating well? Check

Has she been getting her naps in? Check

Has she had tummy time, kick and play, and her new sit up chair? Check

Perhaps she is backed up and needs to have a good poo, time for the baby suppository.

So we give her the suppository and sure enough in a few hours she has produce 2 quality shits. Still, the whining continues without let up. Today was the kind of day where we sat down to watch a 45 minute show on the DVR and we got through the show in 4 hours. The TV was in a state of pause most of the day as we tried to do all we can to get baby girl to stop whining and crying. We are in the belief that if she is crying, it is because she does not have one of her basic needs met. I am starting to believe that sometimes, even after you have satisfied all of her known needs that your baby will still have fits of whining and crying that will never be explained. Maybe it’s all of the growth and stimulation her little mind is going through. She has the difficult task of learning how to become a person. We have the difficult task of learning how to be parents.

Days like this are tough because the weekend is the time we really look forward to having unabated family time. My full-time job keeps me away for most of the day and evenings are often filled with house work, cooking dinner, and before you know it is time for baby girl to go to bed. Days like today just beat you down after an already long and difficult week. My wife, overcome with stress and fatigue, broke down crying. These are the days when being first-time parents is really hard. Maybe, it’s hard no matter what, whether you’ve had 1 kid or 10? I’m not sure. However, we are like that fighter getting his ass kicked, but won’t go down. Giving up is not an option and we’re not the kind of people who quit when the going get’s tough.

We did what most modern day parents do – we hit the internet! Luckily, my wife is one of the best read and informed new moms I have ever known. She diligently reads about all things baby and networks with other moms in an effort to be well informed on the current changes our baby is going through as well as all of the upcoming changes we can expect. She has been preparing for something called the 4 Month Sleep Regression and we think it has finally made its way into our home.

Today, we may have been beaten by the 4 Month Sleep Regression milestone, but hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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