Classes for New Fathers

When you are expecting your first child, you and your baby making partner are filled with so many questions and worries. The best way to get up to speed on what to expect during labor and the weeks to follow as first time parents is to enroll in the many great parenting classes available to you. Many of these classes can be found at local hospitals or through your baby making partner’s OB-GYN. Below are some recommended classes with my personal notes on which ones I attended:

Prepared Childbirth – a popular class designed to help expectant mothers and their partners become well-educated, active participants in the childbirth experience. Find out more about third trimester expectations, labor and delivery and newborn care. We offer a wide variety of class formats that further develop breathing techniques, relaxation skills and comfort measures.

An essential class that goes through the whole delivery process. 

Newborn Care – Covers various aspects of safe infant care including feeding, diapering, bathing and signs of illness, as well as cues and communication.

Birth Center Tour – Visit your chosen hospital’s birth suites, mom-baby unit and other key areas will familiarize you with our facility and help you prepare to give birth.

It is very important to take a tour of the hospital where you are going to be having your child. You don’t want to be looking for the maternity ward when your wife is in labor! 

Car Seat Inspection – A certified CPS technician teaches you how to correctly install and use your car seat.

Putting a car seat in properly may seem easy, but it can be a challenge. The keyword is “properly”. Learn from the pros. More to come over here.

Infant and Child CPR – Learn to perform lifesaving CPR and choking rescue methods on infants and children based on American Heart Association guidelines.

It’s hard to imagine anything more terrifying than your infant child choking. As I learned, newborns spit up a lot, and sometimes can choke on reflux. That being said, you NEED to take this class. If you only take one class let it be this.

Waterbirth Class – Examine current trends, contraindications and the psychological and physiological benefits of warm water immersion labor and birth.

Boot Camp for New Dads – A certified facilitator teaches new dads how to bond with and care for baby, survive the first weeks, support mom and more.

An amazing class for new dads. I wrote my full experience here.

Breastfeeding Class – Covers breastfeeding basics, skin-to-skin contact, tips for returning to work and when to call a health care provider/lactation consultant.

This is one of those classes that somehow my wife convinced me to go and I went kicking and screaming. I remember sitting down waiting for the couples to come in and hoping another man showed up, he did. More couples showed up than expected. I was surprised to find the class so interesting and was blown away by a video they showed showing babies just after birth. Don’t be scared and take one of the team.

Labor and Birthing Positions – Designed and taught by labor nurses to enhance the ease and rapidity of your labor and birth experience.

Not the best class we took because some of the information covered here is also covered in your prepared childbirth class. However, there was some good info here and if you have the time and inclination – why not?