I’m petrified of SIDS

Bernie Baby

When my daughter first came home from the hospital I was a mix of excited and terrified. In the middle of the night I would tip toe to her bassinet and gently place my hand on her stomach to see if she was breathing. Even at 3 months I still have those moments where I see her sleeping so still that I have to come by and check on her breathing. Every first time parent I have known have confessed to doing the same exact thing. Unfortunately, the first boogey man that a parent has is called SIDS and it’s the reason many parents check up on their children as they sleep.

Just a few days ago I read the terrible news that the ‘Bernie Baby’ Died of SIDS. For those of you who have never heard of the ‘Bernie Baby’, the baby was:

An infant who rose to fame on social media as the Bernie Baby after his mother took him to a Bernie Sanders rally dressed up as the Democratic candidate, complete with oversize glasses and a wild white wig…