Baby 1, Parents 0

Knocked Out

There are days when you get your ass kicked as a parent. It’s like watching a one sided fight that is so bad you can hardly look. You’re almost begging the corner throws in the towel or the ref stops the fight. Instead, the fight continues and you are just left to watch this poor soul get beaten to oblivion. He is just standing because he has to. Taking every punch with nothing to counter with. That was our day today.

I’m petrified of SIDS

Bernie Baby

When my daughter first came home from the hospital I was a mix of excited and terrified. In the middle of the night I would tip toe to her bassinet and gently place my hand on her stomach to see if she was breathing. Even at 3 months I still have those moments where I see her sleeping so still that I have to come by and check on her breathing. Every first time parent I have known have confessed to doing the same exact thing. Unfortunately, the first boogey man that a parent has is called SIDS and it’s the reason many parents check up on their children as they sleep.

Just a few days ago I read the terrible news that the ‘Bernie Baby’ Died of SIDS. For those of you who have never heard of the ‘Bernie Baby’, the baby was:

An infant who rose to fame on social media as the Bernie Baby after his mother took him to a Bernie Sanders rally dressed up as the Democratic candidate, complete with oversize glasses and a wild white wig…


Daddy Bootcamp for new Dads

Daddy Bootcamp

When you are expecting your first child, your baby making partner may ask you to attend some parenting classes with her. Parenting classes are a great way to prepare yourself for your baby. Some of the classes available are Prepared Childbirth, Newborn Parenting, Infant CPR and First Aid, Breastfeeding, and Daddy Bootcamp.

Out of all of these classes, Infant CPR is one of the most critical classes that you should not miss. But each of these classes all have valuable information, trust me I have gone to all of them and have a lot to say about each one. However, the class that really made the biggest impact was Daddy Bootcamp.

What Kind of Father do you want to be?

The first time I wrote this post, I stood on my soap box and began to deliver a rousing speech on fatherhood. I really wanted to write a post that would inspire men who are about to be fathers, give high-fives to the good dad’s out there, and show all sorts of statistics proving that kids need their dads around.

My dad was a monster. I lived in fear of him, at one point hated him, and swore to never be like him. One day I woke up and he was gone and never came back. He left us in emotional and financial ruin. I didn’t hear from my dad until I was an adult of 20 something and he found a way to call me just to ask me for money. That was my dad. I swore to be the complete opposite of him. Where he was absent I would be present, where he watched TV in silence I would choose interaction, and where he left me without a sense of responsibility I would care for my child. That is what drives me to be the dad I am working hard to be.