Recommended Reading & DVDs

You’re about to have a baby and you need to get a good handle on what is to come. The best way to get started is to load up on some good books and videos to get you started on the right path. The books I have chosen here have been chosen to address three important phases of your journey – Pregnancy, Delivery, and Newborn Care. Click on the images to see the product on Amazon. DaddyLama does receive a commission if you purchase this item from Amazon. Proceeds go to maintaining this site.

My wife got me this book as a gift just after I got the news she was pregnant. The book is an excellent resource to get you prepared for the pregnancy phase. The book is written in a very personable way; like a conversation you would have with another dude who has had a baby and is passing valuable advice to you. The book covers everything you will be experience, broken down by each month. I remember not taking the author’s advice in one instance and regretting it. This book is excellent and if you are a women reading this and want to get your father-to-be a book to prepare him for the next 10 months, then this is it.


Like the book title says, this book provides a crash course for new fathers. The book address not only pregnancy and delivery, but infant care as well. The book starts with providing a great overview on fatherhood throughout history and how the idea of being a “hands off” father is relatively new concept. The truth is that fathers throughout history have been very much hands on. I will touch upon that here. Throughout this book you will see quotes by fathers which provide helpful and valuable wisdom to new fathers. This is a book for Dads written by Dads, and that is part of what makes this book so great. When I saw the cover all I could think of was one day being that guy, holding my daughter, and embracing being a father.

*By the way, you will receive this book for free if you attend Daddy Bootcamp!


This is the only DVD I have included in this list and while you can get this title in book format, the DVD is really all you need. If you want to make sure you and the baby sleep well then you MUST get this DVD. I cannot stress enough how incredible this DVD is and how critical it has been for my wife and I while caring for our newborn baby. This DVD will introduce you to the idea of the Fourth Trimester and how the change in environment, from your baby making partner’s womb to the outside world, can cause your baby to be fussy and cry out of fear and frustration. As new parents, the constant crying will break you down and cause a lot of stress between you and your partner. The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD will teach you 5 techniques that will help you keep your baby calm and comfortable during this fourth trimester. I cover each technique here, however, I encourage you to purchase this  DVD and watch it with your baby making partner. The DVD is not too long and shows real life, frustrated parents, get schooled in the techniques that help their babies sleep better and overall, be happier. I have tried these techniques and they WORK!